At our beautiful Art Gallery in Ironbridge our incredible team of framers can help guide and inform you of the best was to not only preserve your dress but beautifully display it! Call now to arrange your one to one consultation where we can discuss the layout of your dress, any accessories that you would like to be included in the frame, attachment methods and we show you our amazing range of over 3000 bespoke mouldings. You can choose from contemporary mouldings, hand-finished Italian moldings, clear Perspex display casing as well as carved and swept frames to name a few! We love working with customers to capture the essence of their wedding day and lovingly preserve such a special items.


How to Frame your Wedding Dress?

During your consultation, we show you our range of museum board that comes in an array of colours. All our museum mount board meets the below specifications to ensure that your dress is attached to the highest quality materials allowing us to preserve your dress in the best environment.

  • 100% cotton fibre
  • Free from acid, lignin and sulphur
  • OBA free (Optical Brightening Agents)
  • Lightfast, blue wool scale reading of 5 minimum
  • Passes the Silver Tarnish Test and Photographic Activity Test
  • EVA polymer adhesive, contains no plasticisers, pH7.0


Next, we can discuss the mount surrounding your dress giving you choices of single & double mounts and also the options of introducing a colour using a secondary mount colour or alternatively a Moulding slip to help set off and enhance a feature on your dress.

To visually see how your dress will look we will lay out your dress on large museum board and you can choose the angle and expanse of how the dress will lie. Great care and attention is taken when attaching your dress to ensure every detail of your dress is shown at its best! We can also discuss include buttonholes, vails, gloves, jewellery and any other sentimental items.


Using chevron samples we can mock up the finalised frame. We have a large range of chevrons to allow you to see and feel the Moulding choices from contemporary mouldings, hand-finished Italian moldings, clear Perspex display casing as well as carved and swept frames. Our aim is to ensure both your dress and where the item will be on display are considered to beautifully and perfectly frame your dress.

UV damage can cause irreversible damage to your dress. UV rays affect the chemical composition of materials by breaking the bonds of the materials composition, pigments and dies resulting in faded colours and brittle material.

When choosing Glazing for your dress we would always suggest 99% UV protection. Our 99% protective glazing options are:

  • Art Glass 99 – A reflective glass providing 99% protection from harmful UV Rays.
  • Clear Cast Lightweight Scratch resistant Acrylic with 99% UV Protection
  • Art Glass Invisible AR 99 – The highest level of protection of all our specialist glasses. Coming in 20mm or 41mm this invisible glass gives less than light 1% reflection as well as ensuring no optical distortion or inhibition of colour or texture. For visual clarity and to give your Artwork the best protection we would recommend Artglass AR99.

Once we have discussed all the options and choices we can provide a complete quote for you that will be valid for 3 months. If you would like to proceed your beautiful dress will be framed and ready to put on display within 4-6 weeks.

We absolutely love working with our customers to ensure the best level of service and we take pride in every job that we complete. Most importantly we will listen to your views and thoughts and work together to perfectly display and preserve your beautiful wedding dress!

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