“Experimenting with colour is magical and due to the diversity of handmade glass, no two pieces are ever the same, plus changing reflections add a dimension that cannot be duplicated in any other material.  After firing, which can take from 24hrs to 3 weeks, some pieces have to be worked on with various tools to obtain the desired result.  This is called cold working. I have three kilns and a studio where I design and make kiln formed and cast glass pieces, plus larger sculptures for outdoors. Concepts are developed over time through photographs, drawings and test pieces before the final design is ready to be fired.”

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In 1926 the legend of the Wishing stick was born. A small boy found a coloured piece of glass on a Mill floor. As he held the glass up to the light the sun shone through the glass creating a beautiful display of coloured rays all around him. So magical was this moment that he made a wish upon the piece of glass which to his amazement came true! From this day the story of the Wishing stick grew. These wishing sticks have been handcrafted by Geraldine McLoughlin with the hope of many more wishes been granted.

A beautiful way to bring colour into any room and perfect as a present to brighten someone’s day.

A single Wish stick is £35 for medium size and £45 for large size available in a wide array of colours. Please call us if you would like to ask for a specific colour range!

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