Sun, peace….and vino.


Medium – Wine on Paper

Size – 54 x 38  cm

Limited Edition Giclee Prints and framing options available.

Limited Edition of 150, printed using Pigment inks onto Museum Fine Art Textured Archival Paper. Each Limited Edition Print is supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


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I am originally from Bolivia, but have been living and working in Japan since 2001. My connection with Japan goes further than just my passion for the country – my grandfather was born in Kumamoto prefecture, Kyushu. Until 2013, I was working as a graphic designer, but then made the decision to focus only on my art. I can now be found painting in my atelier in Setagaya ward, Tokyo, every day. I enjoy painting with acrylics and pastels, but most recently my ultimate passion is painting with wine. Many of my wine paintings incorporate the female figure, and the myriad of red, orange and purple hues allow me to fully capture the delicacy, sensuality and beauty of women.

I love experimenting with unusual mediums, and enjoy painting not just on canvas and paper, but also reclaimed wood, hessian sacks and recycled cardboard. I feel that art can be created from anything and everything – not limited to the regular mediums. For the moment I have fallen in love with wine, and the changes it experiences over time, but am always looking for new and exciting ways to capture the beauty of the world.

Wine Art: Using Wine as a Medium

Wine is unlike any other artistic material – in its pure form it is so fluid it is almost impossible to control. Yet the pigment within the wine – the fundamental colour reflecting the beauty of the grapes and country of origin – makes truly beautiful artwork. The study of grape varieties and the resulting different shades ensure endless results – a Cabernet from France will shimmer so differently to a Cabernet from Chile that it is impossible to discern the same grape variety have been used.

Each day is an experiment – trying different techniques to best eliminate the unnecessary elements, and extract the true beauty of the pigments within. The more water and alcohol evaporating from the wine, the more intense the colour.

Red wines give shades approaching ruby red, purple, blue, violet, brown, and grey – and as the oxidation process progresses, the paintings come to life, evolving over time.

My love of wine and the magic it leaves behind on paper grows daily. Cheers!

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