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Acrylic on Canvas

Height 122.4cm x Width 91.5cm

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Doodle Series by CJ Lunn

“These are part of a series of paintings, mostly about memories and nostalgia, using figurative images of people or places that have played an important part in my life; set amongst an abstract doodle – a stream of consciousness or often subconsciousness – evoked from those experiences as I remember them”

“Sometimes other images emerge from the abstraction, related to the subject or myself.  For instance, in the painting, ‘The Green Man’ the shapes of birds began to appear in the doodle, which I allowed myself to enhance slightly, as they were an important feature of the subject’s life.”

“Other times an atmosphere can appear that is, to me, suggestive of the moment, describing the mood or nature of my memory, or theirs. Such as in the painting, ‘After the Summer’ about the brief but passionate relationship between two friends, when we were young, the end of which pushed us all apart until we lost touch, and left just fragments… fragments of friends lost to time; memories of a  beautiful, sad summer, long ago.”



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