A beautiful Scarf Handspun by Carole Tuner using an overshot pattern with a Bamboo based yarn (Tencel) and a thick 100% wool yarn.

Size: 190cm long x 19cm wide

Care Instructions: Gentle low-temperature hand-wash with mild detergent. There may be a little loose dye when washing.




Textiles: for me, spinning and weaving is as close as I can get to making magic. It’s such a thrill to take something as simple as fleece or fibres and transform them into a fabulous fabric. Gets me every time.

I’m forever inspired by nature, and my recent work features countryside colours and textures which make me happy. Whether it’s the rich, dusty ochres of Cornish lichen or juicy lime greens of fresh Spring growth, I want to capture them in my cloth so I can hold onto the moment forever.

Feel the fabric!