There are three different Shores you can choose from.

Soft Blue Nitrile Rubber- 25 Shore

The Soft Rubber holds a lot of ink. When printing, your your edges of lines and areas that you have cut, scratched or etched out will appear softer than if you were using a harder shore roller.

Medium Red Nitrile Rubber- 38 Shore

The Medium Rubber will help you ink up quickly but not as fast as the softer roller.  Edges of areas that you have cut, etched or scratched will appear sharper than if you were using the softer roller.

Hard Black Nitrile Rubber- 60 Shore

Using the Hard Rubber to ink your plate will take slightly longer than a softer roller. The edges of areas that you have cut, etched or scratched will ink up precisely.

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These rollers can be used to ink the surface of any plate that has a relief surface.

This spindle roller can be used for single inkings with 1,2,3 or rainbow inks/colours you can purchase any size roller and ink any size plate up even if the plate is larger than your roller. For inking plates up with colour you have extended, it is advisable to purchase a roller that is larger than your plate.

This spindle roller can also be used when you are inking up the relief surface of an already inked intaglio plate like collagraph’s, etching plates, dry-points, and some lino’s and woodblocks. You will only be able to go over the plate once, which means the size of your roller will have to be larger than the plate you are printing.

This is the smallest roller 4” Diameter x 10” length = a circumference of 12.56” Making the maximum plate size (for double inking) 10” x 12.56”

We can also make bespoke spindle rollers and holders so if there is a particular size you would like, get in touch.

Follow this link to find the Roller Holders for the Spindle Rollers.

Steel Intaglio etching inked up with Intaglio Ink and and then inked with relief ink over the top.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 48 x 10 x 10 cm
Small 4” Diameter x 10” Length

Soft Blue – 25 Shore, Medium Red – 38 Shore, Hard Black – 60 Shore