Here is our range of Printmaking Hotplates

Our hotplates have a range up to 180°C and are very easy to use and set with a digital thermostat.

A wire wound silicone heat matt is adhered directly to the steel providing 100% uniformity across the heated surface.

They are easily cleaned and the smaller models are moveable so if you want to take your hotplate with you to workshops you can do. If you want a large Hotplate that you want as a static unit for your professional printmaking studio or workshop then you will find what you want here.

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To set your Temperature follow these Instructions

Your heater has a digital thermostat for accurate control and accurate temperature feedback. This gives you direct display of the heater operating temperature with set point adjustability within the pre-programed range. Additionally, the thermostat has a menu function that allows you to navigate through the settings and adjust them to better suite your printmaking needs.

  • Press the power button to turn the hotplate on.
  • Press and hold the power button to enter standby mode.
  • Using the arrow buttons will allow you to set the temperature.
  • Hold the menu button to access the menu options, which will allow you to set the timer/hysteresis/ Offset /and Unit Options
  • Whist on the menu screen clicking the menu button again will allow you to navigate through the options.
  • Using the arrow keys whist on the menu screen, will allow you to adjust the selected setting.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To maintain the hotplate surface, make sure you do not leave any puddles of water on the surface to dry out as this may cause damage to the top plate. Do not use solvents or spirits on the hotplate as over time this will break down the protective surface.

It is in the nature of hotplate surfaces to turn darker over the years of use. You have a galvanized steel top that has been lacquered so if you look after it, it will last you a long time.

Here is a guide for using your Printmaking Hotplate including some suggested temperatures.

20°C – Gently drying off plaster, glue, polish, and carborundum on your collagraph plates / heating your Lino plates up so its easier to cut into

30°C – Inking up your plate with weak viscus ink / heating your plate up to prepare for photo emulsion or image on

40°C – Inking up your plate with strong viscus ink

60°C – Drying your plate off after cleaning and in between tones

70°C – Applying soft and clear ball ground

80°C – Applying hard ball ground.

100°C – Quickly drying off stop out varnish/straw hat – however don’t leave on to long as it will be to difficult to remove afterwards

110°C – Dry out White ground and Fine Aquatint

120°C – Drying enamel paint

130°C- Drying spray paint aquatint

150°C- Melting your rough Rosin Aquatint

180°C- Drying out fast varnishes or melting wax quickly to draw with

All our hotplates come with a 1-year Guarantee plus if you ever need any help with anything we are always on the other end of the phone.

Temperature range 0-180°C
Control Digital Thermostat Controller
Noise Silent operation
On/Off Digital Thermostat Controller
Material Stainless Steel top and steel body
Voltage 240v
Other info 1-year guarantee



Additional information

Hotplate Size

Heated Surface Area 40 x 40cm Total Surface Area 48cm x 48cm, Heated Surface Area 40 x 60cm Total Surface Area 48 x 68cm, Heated Surface Area 45 x 65cm Total Surface Area 53 x 73cm, Heated Surface Area 40 x 80cm Total Surface Area 48 x 88cm, Heated Surface Area 60 x 100cm Total Surface Area 68 x 108cm, Heated Surface Area 65 x 100cm Total Surface area 73 x 108cm, Heated Surface Area 70 x 100cm Total Surface Area 78 x 108cm, Heated Surface Area 80 x 120cm Total Surface Area 88 x 128cm