Jacob Chandler is a young contemporary artist. He was born and bred in Shropshire, and grew up in a family of artists and designers, where making and creating was a lifestyle. He studied Art at Thomas Telford School and was one of two A level artists in the country used to celebrate artistic achievement by the examining board. His work is still being used as the examining boards as an exemplar teaching resource.

Initially he intended to become an Architect but after taking up his place at university, ill health made this impossible. He sees this twist of fate as his most fortunate moment, as it allowed him to embark upon his career as a sculptor. This was always his preferred career route but he gave himself just one year to prove that he could become a successful sculptor or return to Architecture.

Within that year has been the visiting artist at the British Ironwork Centre, been Commissioned for two public sculptures and numerous personal sculptures and negotiations are ongoing with the Birmingham Royal School of Ballet who are interested in having a piece commissioned.


Poise and Tension IV is a 27cm bronze, based on the corten full scale sculpture Poise and Tension III. The medium of bronze provides the opportunity to explore the impact various patinas have on the design. The piece belongs to the series, “Moments in Time,” which focuses on the prowess and power of performers, capturing the most dynamic part of an action. The tipping point when the body is at full stretch, this fraction of a second is more often felt than seen.

The play on the word “moments” is used to express the physical stresses on the body and mind at the fulcrum; as well as the fleeting second for which the pose is held. It hints at the fact that physical rigger is transient, lasting for just a moment in the individuals life. It is constantly under threat due to age, disease and injury.

Its ambiguous title permits the viewer to engage with the piece in a personal way which may be contrary to the source of inspiration.

Medium: Bronze

Size: 27 x 8.5 x 13cm
Original: £775