Phthalo Green 75 ml Tube.

We have a wide range of safe wash etching inks which allow for non toxic printing methods and a solvent free way of cleaning. Our safe wash inks are oil based however are water soluble so they can be easily cleaned with liquid soap and water.

We offer three different options of the same colour that you can choose from varying in quantity from tubes to tins.

Prices for each colour ink will vary.

75ml Tubes

150 ml Tubes

250 g Tins



Here is a list of the different Caligo Safe wash Etching  Inks that we have to offer. They come in tubes of 75ml or 150ml. Or moving up to a larger scale they come in tins of 250g.


Carbon Black – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Brown-Black – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Blue-Black – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Process Blue (Cyan) – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Ultramarine Blue – 250g

Prussian Blue – 75ml, 250g

Sepia – 75ml

Phthalo Green – 75ml

Napthol Red – 75ml, 250g

Process Red (Magenta) – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Rubine Red – 75ml,

Carbazole Violet – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Opaque White – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Extender – 75ml, 250g

Process Yellow (Arylide) – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Diarylide Yellow – 75ml

Yellow Ochre – 75ml


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Napthol Red

75ml Tube, 250g Tin