Artist’s Statement

‘There’s always a story to the scene, the intention is for the viewer to enter and find it. This appeals to my deep-seated enjoyment of all the illustrated stories I read as a child. I’m also drawn to the lie and flow of the land,

unexpected colour, traces of past use (modern or ancient), texture and form:  the melding of print and paint gives a fluid quality to the image, as opposed to the sometimes static nature of a conventional print.’

Liz graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988 with a degree in textile design and spent sixteen years working as a designer in London, before moving to Dorset and becoming a full-time artist. Her work has been exhibited widely in galleries and exhibitions within the UK, including The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol and the Russell-Cotes Museum in Bournemouth.




Over the years Liz has developed her style of printmaking, combining a lino- or woodcut printed keyline (a boundary line that separates areas of colour as well as adding definition and texture) with painted blocks of colour.

Signed Artwork Size: 400mm

Final Framed Size 585 x 490

Moulding: Dark Grey Wooden Bevel with conservation level single mount