My work explores spiritual life, the higher self and awakening. The mono-prints are created in a still meditative state that accesses pure consciousness, the power of presence itself. I work in stillness with no active thought and allow the work to manifest with automatic marks made directly on to the inked surface of the plate. Without trying to create something the piece evolves naturally. Each print is made in the present moment and is unique in that no other like it exists. There is a ‘hidden’ script on the reverse side of the prints as well as on the surface which is visible within the reductive marks. The marks left extend beyond the boundaries of the image seen and offer a glimpse of a world that lies beyond the limitations of our physical horizons. The automatic nature of the process used is essential in that by removing the conscious mind from the creative act a space is opened for the inner depths of self or higher self to play with form. These are only pointers, sign posts to describe the work. Once you start using words the work is lost. You cannot understand the work with the mind, through thoughts and concepts. When you look at these prints try to perceive without thinking. Let the stillness within you be the perceived. When you sense that presence, Divine Presence, you realise that it is one with your own presence and that is who you are beyond form.

I studied at Nottingham Trent University where I gained a Bachelor of Arts honours degree and later a Master of Arts in Fine Art. My MA work explored the expression of spiritual experience in a visual form through the use of automatic marks and was influenced by the work of the Abstract Expressionists. I am presently lecturing in fine art at Loughborough University.

I have exhibited at The City Gallery Leicester, Loughborough University Gallery and Southwell Minster.




“The title of the work ‘The Life That You Are’ points to the depths of who you truly are beyond form, personality and conditioned self. It reflects the very essence of you, that which was never born and does not die.”


Oil Based Mono Print

Artwork Size 560 x 490mm

Final framed Size 780 x 695mm

Framed, Oak moulding, single mound and standard glass