Lamp black 75ml – £8.00

A cool toned blue-black ink based on a genuine Lamp Black pigment with medium viscosity & medium tack. Lamp Black has a soft feel and will wipe quickly & evenly from a cold or a hot plate making it particularly suited to dry point. Lamp Black will leave a characteristic & pleasing ‘plate tone’ or can be easily wiped to emphasise the highlights.



There’s something special about an etching. The natural indentation made in soft paper by the printing plate and the detail achievable by fine lines give a unique result that can be ‘delicious to the eye’.  Of course, using the right ink can enhance the very finest etchings. We offer a choice of two distinct formulations of etching ink.

A consistently reliable formulation – provides rich prints from all types of Intaglio plates.

As well as highly pigmented formulations, Cranfield traditional etching inks also benefit from a careful mix of traditional linseed oils. These are chosen and blended to provide a viscosity and structure to the ink – along with that unique linseed smell. This keeps the etching as fresh and bright as the day it was created.

We always select light fast pigments for our formulations. All our inks are rated 6 or higher on the International Blue Wool Scale.