Carl has a desire for creating art from the dereliction and natural decay of abandoned buildings, not dissimilar to his daily work as a hybridist, the aim is the same, to produce something aesthetically pleasing.


Photography has been a keen interest for many years but in more recent years he became drawn to the darker, almost macabre like imagery that these decaying buildings offer artistically.  Carl has travelled the UK extensively and into other parts of Europe to photograph and document these once magnificent buildings, now left for nature, to reclaim.


He is now in the process of putting together a book of his work.



There are a small number of limited edition Giclée prints that can be purchased. Each piece comes in either A3 or A4 and is limited to five, numbered and signed by the artist. Printed on  320gsm Distinction bright white paper with an acid-free fibre base (baryta) paper using Canon Light Fast Pigment ink to give your art a much longer life. Images are finished in a handmade, simple yet elegant square edged, black wooden frame with a white mount and come ready to hang.  All materials used are of conservation standard

“A  rather  magnificent  and  circular,  imposing  building,  perched  high  on  a  peak  in  the  Balkan  mountain’s  Bulgaria.  Once  the  main  communist  headquarters  in  the  early  1980’s.  Now  nothing  more  than  a  carcass  but  much  of  its  incredible  handmade  mosaic  still  remain.”






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