This abandoned building also known as a Bothy was sitting neatly on the peninsular just down from Callanish Stone circle. It was screaming out to me to draw it so I did. I made a lot of work about it. This was the best one in my opinion in the series that I produced. I loved getting lost in the building when I was drawing and painting the tones out. I used the space of plate to create the atmosphere and I was really pleased with the sky. It was magical making this plate.

This is a 2mm thick steel etching printed onto Fabriano Rosso 320 gsm paper using handmade etching ink deep black with a touch of Turquoise. Printed with my No. 3 Etching printing press.



Limited Edition Colour Intaglio Etching on Fine Art Paper

Limited Edition Print run of 25, Printed on Gunning Arts Printing Press

Size 71 x 49 cm




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