A close up photograph of the ironbridge showing the wording Coalbrook=dale along with the intricate detail at the center of the Ironbridge

Medium: Photograph printed with Light Fast Canon Lucia Pigment Inks onto FB Distinction 320Gsm Archival Paper

Open Edition: Available in 2 sizes

Shipping: Item will be shipped 1st class in a postal tube with insurance



From an early age, photographer, Sarah Morris was taught how to view her surroundings as an artist from her father Dave Gunning, a full-time artist and printmaker.


She was shown how to observe light and its ever-changing contrasts on the landscape, and how a slight variation could change the atmosphere, mood, and feeling of a place or situation. Sarah was fascinated at looking beyond the obvious and see what was really in front of her.


As Sarah developed her skills as a photographer, she also developed her love for traveling, she particularity fell in love with the ever-changing landscape and light of Shropshire and the coastline of Wales. Walking, riding, canoeing, and driving for miles to create beautiful and emotive pieces of the beautiful scenery in this remarkable location and further afield.


Sarah now runs her own gallery, Ironbridge Fine Arts, with her sister Jenny, also an artist and specialist printmaker.  She is able to capture her vision of life and deliver these remarkable images for sale in the beautiful Shropshire town of Ironbridge.


Sarah’s ability to see and capture has developed so much so that Sarah is not only a successful photographer but an expert in Colour matching and fine art reproduction, a Fine Art Trade Guild Certified Framer, and an Art Sure Approved Printer.

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40 x 26cm Unframed Open Edition Edition Photograph, 20 x 25cm Unframed Open Edition Edition Photograph