Carbazole Violet 75 ml Tube.

We have a wide range of safe wash etching inks which allow for non toxic printing methods and a solvent free way of cleaning. Our safe wash inks are oil based however are water soluble so they can be easily cleaned with liquid soap and water.

75ml Tubes


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Here is a list of the different Caligo Safe wash Etching  Inks that we have to offer. They come in tubes of 75ml or 150ml. Or moving up to a larger scale they come in tins of 250g.


Carbon Black – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Brown-Black – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Blue-Black – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Process Blue (Cyan) – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Ultramarine Blue – 250g

Prussian Blue – 75ml, 250g

Sepia – 75ml

Phthalo Green – 75ml

Napthol Red – 75ml, 250g

Process Red (Magenta) – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Rubine Red – 75ml,

Carbazole Violet – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Opaque White – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Extender – 75ml, 250g

Process Yellow (Arylide) – 75ml, 150ml, 250g

Diarylide Yellow – 75ml

Yellow Ochre – 75ml


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Carbazole Violet

75ml Tube, 150ml Tube, 250g Tin