To capture the drawings for these etchings I got up at 4am in the morning to go and draw at the site, I did some great drawings and took some incredible photographs. I was completely moved by the place! My father Dave Gunning has recorded all the major and minor monuments all over the world, when we were kids we were taken around hundreds of them, so Dad could draw them. I did not want to copy my father and draw them but there are certain sites that I simply have to make work about. It is in my blood!

I was pleased with the atmosphere of these plates. I enjoyed every second making them. I get such a peace when Im etching, its like breathing, its just something I have to do.

They have sold well as well – not many prints left in the edition.



Limited Edition Colour Intaglio Etching on Fine Art Paper

Limited Edition Print run of 25, Printed on Gunning Arts Printing Press

Size 49 x 71 cm




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