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John Hatfields “Broom Avenue 2” depicts a fashion figure, painted on Broom Avenue, Levenshulme, Manchester

Medium: Brush, acrylic ink on canvas

Original Artwork Size: 73 x 63cm

Framed to archival standards, unglazed

Limited Edition Giclee Prints are also available in a range of sizes. Giclee Print prices are for print only and can be mounted and wrapped if required.


About the John Hatfield Collection of Work for sale at Ironbridge Fine Arts 

These paintings are mostly spontaneously made, unplanned. They started as big brush strokes or puddles of ink tipped straight from the jar; tipping the canvas to allow blocks of colour to run. The resultant shapes then dictate the style of the piece. Similar to seeing shapes in cloud-gazing.

These are physical paintings, they were not produced with high concepts in mind. They are the result of a man’s understanding of how ink and paint behave combined with a personal view of the body.


About the Artist

John Hatfield is a self-taught painter. He rejected a formal art education, happier doing his own thing instead.

On leaving college much of his time was spent in voluntary work scattered around the English countryside and chasing surf. Interspersed with low wage, zero-hour contract jobs. All of which kept him in a state of constant flux.

In recent years he has studied human anatomy in depth: earning a BSc(Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) and a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.

He was born in Manchester, raised in Telford, and now lives in Teesside: surfing and working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the NHS.

He has exhibited in the North East, Manchester, and London’s Brick Lane; had a residency at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; was the illustrator for The Acupuncturist magazine, and has illustrated an anatomical textbook on traditional Chinese Massage.

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