Little Thumper Bench Top Printing Press stand optional

This is the smallest press in our range, its chunky and fun to use, its very portable, good for workshops or the travelling print-maker. It prints all intaglio and relief plates from thin etchings and dry points up to thick woodblocks. Your Etching printing press comes with a blanket and Runners so your ready to print. You can pick your press up from us or have it delivered by courier or we can deliver, set up and print with you to make sure you know your way around your new press. If you would like to come and print with our presses before you buy, ring or email to make an appointment – bring your own plates or print some of ours.

Prints larger than A4. Bed Size 12” x 30” / 30 x 76.5cm

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Prints larger than A4. Bed Size 12” x 30” / 30 x 76.5cmLittle Thumper Press Bed






Press Dimensions excluding star wheel: 18” Height x 15” Length x 16 Width
Press Dimensions including star wheel: 18” Height x 15” Length x 20.5 Width
Prints: A4
Weight of press Approx : 30kg
Weight of Stand Approx 15kg


Prints all intaglio and relief, etchings, solar plates, photopolymers, dry-points, collagraph’s, lino’s, reductions, woodblocks, letterpress ect…

Press Prices. All prices include VAT:

  • Bench Top Press (stand info below) with Star Wheel: £950
  • Blanket and Runners included so you are ready to print.

Stand Options:

  • Static stand with one shelf: £150
  • Stand with lockable wheels with one shelf: £280

Up-grade to Round Wheel:

  • Small Round Wheel 24 inches / 61cm Diameter: £95
  • Large Round Wheel 48 inches / 123cm Diameter: £195

Blanket Options:

  • 1 printing Blanket is included in the cost of the press.
  • Or you can up-grade to the traditional 3 printing blankets: £70
  • Runners for woodblock and Lino are included in press price. We have designed these to fit to the bed securely and easily.

Additional information

Stand Options

Without Stand as a Bench Top press, Static Stand 1 shelf, Stand with Lockable Wheels 1 shelf

Star or Wheel Type

Star Wheel, Small Round Wheel 24'' Diameter, Large Round Wheel 48'' Diameter


With one blanket (included in press price), Up-grade to the 3 traditional printing blankets.


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