Our Spindle rollers are made from Nitrile rubber, they are excellent quality, easy clean and they are a dream for printmakers to use. We make soft, medium and hard Spindle rollers in 3 different sizes. You can also purchase a Roller Holder for each spindle roller that can sit on the work surface, or be put on the wall.

The smallest roller  is 4” Diameter x 10” length = a circumference of 12.56” Making the maximum plate size (for double inking) 10” x 12.56”

The medium roller  is 5” Diameter x 14” length = a circumference of 15.70” Making the maximum plate size (for double inking) 14” x 15.70”

The largest roller is 6” Diameter x 21” length = a circumference of 18.84” Making the maximum plate size (for double inking) 20” x 18.84”

We can also make bespoke spindle rollers for printmaking and holders so if there is a particular size you would like, get in touch.

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