Here is our range of Intaglio Etching Grounds. We make a lot of the below and we also are sellers for other manufactures products.

Ball grounds comes in soft, hard or clear. The ball ground is applied to a degreased plate that is sitting on a hotplate. The hotplate needs to be approximately 70 to 80 degrees. Once the plate has heated up the ball ground can be melted onto the plate and then either dabbed on or rolled over the surface of the plate to get the consistency correct.

The liquid grounds can be painted directly onto a degreased plate and then left to dry before drawing or pushing objects into the ground and each ground gives a different result.

Hard – Strong clean line if you draw into it with an etching tool. Or you can draw with the ball ground on a hotplate.

Soft – This gives soft line and you can push materials or objects into this ground to capture the impressions.

Clear – This is used for copper etching and is easily heated and rolled or dabbed onto the plate.

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