Our Hand Printing Rollers were designed and made for the Printmaker.

They are made from nitrile rubber so they are easy to clean and the results you get are fantastic. As printmakers ourselves we love designing, developing and making the tools that that we use every day. These printmaking rollers are a must have for any professional printmaking studio or workshop.

The built in stand makes inking rollers easy, simply ink up, and then rest your roller on its stand while you print. When you wish to clean your roller simply sit it on its built in stand and spray your vegetable oil or white spirit onto the roller and wipe clean with a rag.

They all have a lovely chunky 6” handle, and they all have the diameter of 2”. They come in singles as well as packs. They all come in Hard (60 shore) Medium (38 shore) and Soft (25 Shore) 

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