Sally has been painting and exhibiting landscapes and still life for over twenty years and divides her life between the rural Welsh Borders and coastal New Zealand. She was born in England and spent her childhood both inNew Zealand and Britain. She studied illustration and design at New Zealand’s Wellington Polytechnic in, graduating in 1980. Returning to the UK she trained in animation at Animus Films in London. She has illustrated books, New Zealand stamps, and textiles prior to turning to painting full time. Mid-life she obtained a nursing degree and worked for a time in children’s health. In 2013 she returned to painting full time to express and share her love of the natural world and strong sense of connection to the land.

“Drawing and painting is a way of life that brings me closer to where I am; deepening the experience of a place and the connections within it. The paintings are my response to the mystery of the connectedness of things. Landscapes are an endless source of fascination and wonder because of the constant changing interplay of light and seasons, overlaying and illuminating the more solid forms created by those living and working in it, both now and through time. I am drawn to light and its effects – what it reveals and what is hidden. I believe there are archetypal memories associated with landscapes. My paintings attempt to express some of these qualities and hold them in space and time.”

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