Robin Holder is an artists who has dedicated his life to painting the River Severn which he knows and loves, source to sea, so well.

He relies upon strong, emotional experiences to influence his work and has never been afraid of allowing it to evolve unhindered.

 “As the details of an event fade, very often the emotional residue strengthens with the passage of time. I realised this whilst walking the Severn this year and finding myself in situations I had not experienced before; sleeping rough on Plynlimon in January, when the temperature dropped to minus eight, is certainly etched into my memory.

I have never been encumbered by the constraints of a single style but enjoy the freedom to explore different approaches and techniques. Learning to use a graphics tablet and experimenting with various apps has evolved from sketching on my smartphone. Exploring colour and texture, from an aerial perspective with acrylics, occurred to me whilst studying guidebooks and maps.

No matter what the technique or approach, however, it is always a passion for my lifelong friend, the River Severn, which is at the heart of my paintings”.

Robin was born in Worcester and now lives not far from the river in the village of Shrawley. He is a completely self-taught painter.

Take a look at Robins latest adventure and the amazing Artwork he is producing

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