Mark-Whit is a pseudonym for Mark Whitehouse, a professional artist based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

Mark works predominantly in landscapes based around the Shropshire, Wales and Wolverhampton area. His main subject is atmosphere and how conditions can affect a certain landscape. Although his paintings may begin as a depiction of a certain landscape they frequently become substantially different as they are developed in the studio and become a “feel” rather than an exact representation.

Inspiration begins with the likes of JW Turner and the Impressionists but also the abstract works of Mark Rothko.

His paintings begin with an impasto image which then get overworked with several washes of diluted oil paint so that each layer is visible and builds up a rich colour which due to drying times may take weeks or even months

He studied fine art at Trent University and is a member of Wolverhampton society of artists.

He has exhibited at Wolverhampton Gallery, Birmingham’s RSBA and has work collected by the BBC, Leicestershire council and many private collectors.

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