A bit of History…

Printmaker Jenny Gunning started selling her prints and drawings in 2001 when she was at Cheltenham University to help her get through her printmaking degree. Her work has not stopped selling ever since.

Jenny has had over 40 one woman and joint exhibitions, exhibiting in some fantastic Gallery’s, her work is on permanent display at her own Gallery in Ironbridge which has been running for over 15 years. Jenny has won many competitions and commissions, had her work accepted into many private and public shows and collections as well as having many pieces of her work used in many books.

Part of Jennys job as a printmaker is not only to produce and make new pieces of work to exhibit and sell, but also to provide workshops and to give print demonstration’s to people who would like to purchase the printing presses that her father Dave Gunning designed over 40 years ago. Because of the massive variety of printmaking, Jenny has to make sure she knows all of the printmaking methods of both printing and plate making, so she can help and guide printmakers the the right etching printing press for them.

Jenny was taught fine art Drawing and Printmaking by her Father from a very young age, making her first etching when she was 7 years old. She obtained her GCSE, A-Level Art and then her Foundation year in Art which lead her to Cheltenham University where she obtained a BA Honours degree in Specialist Printmaking.

From University Jennys dream was to have her own Specialist Printmaking Gallery where she could exhibit and sell her own work as well as her fathers artwork and printing presses, run workshops and have regular shows of both their own work and other artists work.

Jenny wanted to be able to freely make her art and have everything that she would need under one roof. From making the work in the printmaking studio using the presses Dave Gunning (Jennys father) designed and made, to scanning, and framing the work to the highest standard, to putting it on the gallery website and selling the work from the website and her gallery.

The Ironbridge Gallery and printmaking studios has everything Jenny wanted under one roof, and it not only serves her and her family of artists, it also serves other artists, the general public and private businesses.

For the last 15 years Jenny has  worked from their own gallery and printmaking studios and continues to make and push her printmaking and drawing skills. Jenny and her sister Sarah Morris run Ironbridge Fine Arts making it an excellent business and creative printmaking space.

Jenny The Printmaker.

Using her drawing skills Jenny works out in the landscape to capture the detail she needs to create her plates. Taking her drawings back to her incredible print studio in Ironbridge (that she designed) which is situated right next to the river Seven, she then has a wide range of printmaking mediums she can choose from.

Jenny loves aquatint etchings and she particularity enjoys making large scale etchings using steel and nitric acid, but she is more than happy to work using aluminium, zinc and copper. She also has a dark room where she can create photo-etchings using her large UV exposure unit. Photopolymer is also a love of hers as well as spit-bite, mezzotint, dry-point, lino, reduction, straight lino, straight woodblock, Japanese woodblock, reduction woodblock, collagraph and letterpress – and I do not think we included everything in there!

Jenny is a passionate printmaker who loves what she does for a living, she has made so much work already but continues to have new inspiration every day driving her forward to make more and more work.

Jenny has also designed and had her workshop make the following items, originally for her own use but also to sell to other printmakers.

Spindle rollers, hand rollers, hotplates, registration pins and runners for the printing press to make it easy for people to print all different thicknesses of plates on the printing presses that we have been selling for over 40 years.

This page will be updated with more of Jennys work on a regular basis and if your interested in purchasing please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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