CJ Lunn was born in Lancashire in 1969. She began painting and exhibiting professionally in 1995 after completing a BA (Hons) Degree at the Cardiff institute University of Wales. In 1997 she opened the West Warf Gallery in Cardiff, with her business partner, offering exhibition space for burgeoning artists. Since then she has lived and worked as a practising artist in both the UK and USA.

“My work, mostly in oils, has always been grounded in symbolism. Whether through landscape or portraiture, I have tried to capture and explore key moments, ideas and memories in my life. For catharsis, for nostalgia, or just comprehension, juxtaposing the past and present ‘me’ has helped my search for how each has shaped the other; how I have related to the world and the people around me.
Style, for me, is largely dictated by the image and the image is always born of deeper meaning, emotion and memory. My hope is that the paintings convey to the viewer, similar feelings to those I try to capture for myself in the finished work.”

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