David Jones is a landscape photographer based in Shropshire.

David was born in Birmingham, but has lived and worked in Shrewsbury and rural Shropshire for most of his life, having moved back to the county at a young age. Since childhood, he has been surrounded by the countryside sharing time between rural Shropshire and the North Wales. This has influenced his landscape style of photography, always looking to capture the perfect light and scenes from nature. Inspiration has always come from nature, whether that be the aftermath of extreme weather, first and last light, or capturing the annual changes that occur in flora and fauna. Ideally a combination of all!
My style is evolving each year, but I love to capture scenes full of drama, natural colour and ultimately moments that evoke an emotion with the viewer. I also have a keen interest in more minimal landscape images, to contrast the vista’s landscapes display.
This is my first full exhibition, although my images have featured on the BBC, on the Welsh Tourism Board promotions, for international Asian Charities and on Sky TV. My next adventure will be a tour of Patagonia to capture the magic of the southern most parts of South America.

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