Our Registration pins are second to non, they give the printmaker complete control. We have developed our registration techniques over the years on our presses and we are more than happy to share this information and our techniques with you.

Please call for more information and if you would like to visit us for a print demonstration please book in for a press demo appointment.

Our Registration pins are £15.00 and you only need the one for smaller pieces and 2 for larger pieces. They work with or without a press (any press). All you need is a regular hole puncher to punch your holes in your paper and away you go. If you are using thin paper or doing over 3 colours you might want to use hole strengtheners or plastic tabs that we sell as well which sit on your paper and over your registration pin.

Set up takes very little time at all, and each time your paper is put back it goes back in the same place making your registration easy. Suitable for Any plate thickness.