Below are the Printing Blankets and Matts that we supply.

Our Printing Matt comes with each press so you can get printing straight away. If you need a replacement or you would like the traditional printing blankets they are here.

Many people love using our one printing Matt that we supply with the press as the results are fantastic, follow this link to see prints made using this one printing blanket. Other people prefer to use the two or three traditional blankets. All different blankets will give different results so its best to experiment to find the results you want.

If you would like any help with your choice please give us a call.

We can cut any of our blankets to any size you require.

1 Printing Matt that comes with every press we sell,

  • Wipe clean surface on top and on the bottom is a cushioning layer
  • Heat Resistant
  • PVC with extra thick soft felt backing
  • Extra cushioning layer between your bed and top Roller.
  • Can be rolled up for easy storage when not in use

Little Thumper Press (12” x 30” / 30 x 76.5cm)  £15.00

No. 1. Etching Printing Press (15” x 30” / 38 x 76.5cm)  £35

No. 2. Etching Printing Press (20 x 40 Inches / 51 x 102 cm) £45

No. 3. Etching Printing Press (25” x 48”/63.5 x 122cm ) £65

No. 4. Etching Printing Press (35” x 60” / 88.9 x 152.4cm)  £90

Traditional Printing Blankets

You can purchase the set of 3 traditional printing blankets for our presses or for other makes if you wish. They come individually or as a set. If you need different sizes please call for a quote.

Our Traditional blankets are 80% unwoven wool felt, and can be dry-cleaned. They come in three different thicknesses

  1. The size catcher (6mm thick)
  2. The cushion (5mm thick)
  3. The pusher (2mm thick).

Little Thumper Press

A Set of Three £110 Inc VAT

Individual £35 each Inc VAT

No. 1. Etching Printing Press

A Set of Three £140 Inc VAT

Individual £46 each Inc VAT

No. 2. Etching Printing Press

A Set of Three £220 Inc VAT

Individual £76 each Inc VAT

No. 3. Etching Printing Press

A Set of Three £280 Inc VAT

Individual £93 Inc VAT

No. 4. Etching Printing Press

A Set of Three £400 Inc VAT

Individual £135 Inc VAT