These Hand Printing Rollers were designed and made for the Printmaker or for Schools, Colleges or Universities who want to step up from the less expensive rollers and want excellent quality. They are still not cheap, but they are also not as expensive as our professional rollers or spindle rollers. The reason is because of the 2” diameter. these are a great purchase.

They are made from nitrile rubber so they are easy to clean and the results you get from using these printmaking rollers are fantastic. As printmakers ourselves we love designing, developing and making the tools that that we use every day. These printmaking rollers are a must have for any professional printmaking studio or workshop.

Our printmaking rollers can be used to print the following plates, lino, woodblock, intaglio etchings, photo-etchings, solar plates (if your inking in relief), photoengraver, collagraph, letterpress, mono-printing and monotype.

For single inkings with 1,2,3 or rainbow colours you can purchase any size roller and ink any size plate up even if the plate is larger than your roller. For inking plates up with colour you have extended, it is advisable to purchase a roller that is larger than your plate.

With a built in stand you can easily ink up, and then rest your roller on its stand while you get your printing press or barren ready for printing. When you wish to clean your roller simply sit it on its built in stand and spray your vegetable oil or white spirit onto the roller and wipe clean with a rag.

They all have a lovely chunky 6” handle, and they all have the diameter of 2”. They come in singles as well as packs. They are all Hard Shore (60)

2” Diameter x 2” length £32. Inc VAT each

2” Diameter x 2” length £150 Inc VAT for a pack of x 5

2” Diameter x 4” length £38 Inc VAT each

2” Diameter x 4” length £180 Inc VAT for a pack of x 5

2” Diameter x 6” length £45 Inc VAT each

2” Diameter x 6” length £215 Inc VAT for a pack of 5

2” Diameter x 8” length £55 Inc VAT each

2” Diameter x 8” length £260 Inc VAT for a pack of 5