Here is our range of Printmaking Hotplates,

Our hotplates have a range from 0c to 120c and are very easy to use and set. They are easily cleaned and the smaller models are moveable so if you want to take your hotplate with you to workshops you can do. If you want a large Hotplate that you want as a static unit for your professional printmaking studio or workshop then you will find what you want here.

All of our hotplates are made so that you can just plug them in and not worry about using up lots of power. They have feet that lift the hotplate up off the workbench and the flat surface of the hotplates are made of Aluminium so they are easily cleaned and don’t oxidise.

If you would like a size that you do not see below please get in touch for a Bespoke price.

Prices and Sizes

300mm x 400 mm £420 each Inc VAT

400mm x 400mm £475 each Inc VAT

400mm x 600mm £580 each Inc VAT

400mm x 800mm £640 each Inc VAT

600mm x 1000mm £900 each Inc VAT

800mm x 1200mm £1050 each Inc VAT


Here is a guid for using your hotplate.

20c – Gently drying off plaster, glue, polish, and carborundum on your collagraph plates / heating your Lino plates up so its easier to cut into

30c- Inking up your plate with weak viscus ink / heating your plate up to prepare for photo emulsion or image on

40c- Inking up your plate with strong viscus ink 

50c- Drying your plate off after cleaning and in between tones

60c- Applying soft and clear ball ground

70c- Applying hard ball ground and melting some finer Aquatints

80c- Quickly drying off stop out varnish/straw hat – however don’t leave on to long as it will be to difficult to remove afterwards

90c- Drying enamel paint off on your plates

100c- Drying spray paint aquatint

110c- Dry out White ground

120c- Applying your rosin aquatint

All our hotplates come with a one year Guarantee and have been PAT Tested plus if you ever need any help with anything we are always on the other end of the phone.


Temperature range

0-120 Celsius


+/- 4 degrees


Rotary switch


Silent operation


Illuminated switch


Aluminium top