Here is our Printmaking Supplies page, we manufacture a lot of products ourselves in our workshop in Shropshire and we also sell other manufactures products, giving you the printmaker a great range that we are always adding to. We not only make and sell but we are printmakers ourselves so if you would like to know ‘How To’ use a product just get in touch.

Caligo Safe Wash Etching Ink – Oil-based and washable – Artist quality etching inks for non-toxic printmaking

Traditional – A consistently reliable formulation – provides rich prints from all types of Intaglio plates

Spindle Rollers and Table Wall Holders

Our specialist nitrile spindle rollers are beautiful to use, we have a large selection of sizes and all sizes are available in Soft, Medium and Hard. Also if you want a custom size making please get in touch and we can quote a price for you. As printmakers ourselves we know how special it is to be able to own and use one of these beautiful spindle rollers.

Hand Rollers for the Printmaker

Our Hand Printing Rollers were designed and made for the Printmaker.

They are made from nitrile rubber so they are easy to clean and the results you get are fantastic. As printmakers ourselves we love designing, developing and making the tools that that we use every day. These printmaking rollers are a must have for any professional printmaking studio or workshop.

Printmaking Hand Rollers (3” Diameter)

Our Printmaking Hand Rollers 3” diameter are made from Nitrile rubber and are lovely to use with long 6” beech wooden handles., 3” diameter rollers and they come in three different shores, soft, medium and hard. Your very welcome to come to our printmaking Gallery and studios and try out the different rollers to see which one suits you and your work best or call for more information.

Printmaking Hotplates Printmaking Hotplate

Our hotplates have a range from 0c to 120c and are very easy to use and set.

They are easily cleaned and the smaller models are moveable so if you want to take your hotplate with you to workshops you can do. If you want a large Hotplate that you want as a static unit for your professional printmaking studio or workshop then you will find what you want here.

Etching Press Blankets

We provide one free printing matt with our presses that we sell but we also offer the upgrade to the traditional blankets. On here you can order both types of blankets and if you need any help with your choice you can always call for more information.

Intaglio Etching Grounds

Hard ground, soft ground and clear grounds as well as liquids are here.

Stopping Out Varnishes 

We sell different kinds of Stopping out varnish here, if you need any advise as to which one please give us a call.

Relief Printing Runners

Our relief printing runners come in many different sizes and thicknesses, if you need any bespoke just get in touch.

Printmaking Tools

There are a lovely range of printmaking tools here,

Relief Printing Runners

These come in many different thicknesses so that you can choose which thickness works best for your plate and press. 

Traditional Lino Plates

Our Hessian backed traditional Lino plates come in several different sizes and you can purchase individually or in packs of 5 or 10.

Mounted Traditional Lino

Our Mounted Traditional Hessian Lino is mounted onto an 18mm fibreboard block, giving extra rigidity for printing.

SoftCut Unmounted Lino

Our SoftCut 3mm thick Lino Blocks are super smooth which makes cutting very easy. The cutter glides through the surface of the plate with minimum effort. These come in 4 different sizes and you can purchase them in packs of 5 or 10.

Registration Pins and Tabs 

Our Registration Pins including 50 Tabs are second to non, they give the printmaker complete control.

Printmaking Mediums 

We have the essential printmaking mediums you would need.

Printmaking Resins

Aquatints and dragons blood Resins are essential for etching.

Printmaking Powders and Glues 

You will find carborundum powder, fullers earth and many more printmaking powders here.

Printmaking Beeswax

If you want to make your own grounds you can purchase your beeswax here.

Printmaking Shellac

There is several different kinds of Shellac here if you would like to mix up your own.

Printmaking Cleaning Products 

There are some non-toxic printmaking products here.