Here are our Hotplates, Printmaking Materials and Rollers that we manufacture in Shropshire.

Please note we are currently updating this page and all the linked pages, so all the information and links might not be available, please call if you need any further information.

Nitrile Spindle Rollers & Table/wall Holders.

Our specialist nitrile spindle rollers are beautiful to use, we have a large selection of sizes and all sizes are available in Soft, Medium and Hard. Also if you want a custom size making please get in touch and we can quote a price for you. As printmakers ourselves we know how special it is to be able to own and use one of these beautiful spindle rollers.

Professional Nitrile Hand Rollers

We have many different sizes of Hand Rollers with soft, medium and hard easy clean Nitrile. They all have lovely big chunky 6” handles.


Student Hand Rollers

Our Junior Nitrile rollers are excellent quality. Giving the student the best roller for the job, long lasting and easy to clean. We have many sizes available.


We have 8 different sizes of Hotplate available for sale. We have been selling hotplates for many years but recently upgraded the design. If you have a bespoke size you would like to have made please get in touch. For our standard size range follow this link.


Grounds, Resists and Varnishes

We have our own range of grounds and varnishes and will continue to add to our range. As printmakers ourselves we like to make everything that we need and be able to offer it to our customers. Follow this link to see our range.


Registration Pins

We have, over many years of making, selling and using our presses developed our own registration pins. They work wonderfully with or without any etching press. Simple to use and excellent results 100% of the time.

We also have our own registration bed that makes registration so easy you can just concentrate on making the plate. When registration is perfect every-time and effortless it makes printmaking even more enjoyable.

Printing Blankets

Printing Blankets are beautiful to touch and lovely to use, here are our range of printing blankets.








Printing Runners

We provide 4mm printing runners with each of our presses for free however if you would like to purchase some or are looking for a different thickness here you will find what you need. Also if you can not find the measurements here then you can call up for a bespoke price.