The below information is a small snippet out of our Maintenance and Instruction manual.

The full set of instructions explain how to set your press to print every type of plate, as well as put your press and stand together, how to maintain and look after your printing press.

You receive one of these when you purchase a press from us. If you need an updated one please get in touch.

If you would like any further help we run many workshops throughout the year at our beautiful printmaking Gallery in Ironbridge. If you need any help please do not hesitate to give us a call.

About your new press

Your press is a direct drive press that is made using fabricated steel, dense walled cylinders and pre-oiled bearings, it is available with either a star or round wheel or both. The GunningArts Presses are easily maintained and include safety features such as bed safety stops, press lock down as well as easy removal of star or round wheel and press bed.

We provide runners with your press so that you can easily set your pressure to print Lino or woodblocks or any other thick plates. There is also a printing matt provided with the press so you can get printing straight away.

The top roller on your press has been lathed perfectly so you do not have any in-discrepancies. This means that you can print without a blanket if you need to on certain materials like wood blocks or Lino. For any other plates you will need to print using a blanket or blankets. We sell printing matts, 80% wool felt printing blankets and Swanskin 100% wool blankets. For more information follow this link to our Printing Matt, Blankets and Runners Guide.

The maintenance instructions are also included here for you; it is important for you to make sure you maintain you press to make sure you keep it in working order. If you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Over 40 years ago Dave Gunning designed the first Gunning press so that he could have his own press at home in his print studio. Forty years later thousands of printmakers all over the world have Gunning press’s in their studios, schools and Universities.

Thank you for purchasing one of our presses from us, if you ever need any technical support please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer a wide range of workshops in our print studio exploring both traditional and contemporary methods of printmaking. We also have a large beautiful Gallery in Ironbridge (a UNESCO world heritage site) where we exhibit both our own work and other printmakers work, so it’s well worth a visit.Etching Press

Please keep us updated of the work that you produce, we look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Printing!

Maintenance of your Press

The top roller on your press has been lathed perfectly so you do not have any in-discrepancies. It is lacquered with clear varnish, if this starts to come off at any time, this will not affect your printing quality however visually if you want to keep your press looking brand new you will need to re lacquer the top roller. You can buy clear lacquer from here. 

The printing press pressure is set by adjusting the tommy bars. Left to loosen and right to tighten. Every 6 months or so depending on how much you use your machine just put bearing grease in all the moving parts of your press, this will keep your machine working perfectly. Do not use WD40 as this is white spirit based and will eventually evaporate.  We suggest you use bearing grease or WD-40 Specialist High performance White Lithium Grease 400ml,

these will not evaporate over time as it is oil based however it does need to be replaced every 6 to 8 months depending on how often you are using your press.

The press bed is made from steel and marine ply. Your steel surface on the bed is lacquered with clear lacquer which allows the surface to be wiped clean after printing. It has two safety stops on the bed also to make sure it does not fall out when printing.

Do not clean your plates on the press bed. Always use tissue paper on the press bed to keep it as clean as you can.

The 3mm thick Styrene registration Bed is an amazing tool that you can purchase to your press. It sits on your press bed and is secured to the bed. This needs to be wiped clean on a regular basis. Etching press registration bed

The printing blankets. We provide with the press is substitute for printing everything to an excellent quality. You can upgrade to the three traditional blankets, they are 80% unwoven wool and can be dry-cleaned. You can use all three together or two or just one blanket it you like. If you need to replace your blankets we sell them separately, or if you need a set we also sell them as a set. We sell them off the roll in black or light colour.

Ways of Damaging the press

Winding one pressure adjuster down without the other one continuously.

If you drop a press from a great height, or if you try to put things like metal screws or sharp objects through the press.

Not maintaining the press including not cleaning, greasing or looking after the press.

If you leave the blanket wet in the press all the time this will eventually rust the bed and the top roller.

If you are tipping white spirit over the press bed to clean printed plates the white spirit can wash away the grease in the bearings. Moving parts need grease.

The Gunning Arts Etching Printing Presses are made with loving care so they should be treated accordingly.

To help ensure that your press is kept in the best possible condition we suggest the following.

  • At the end of every session using the press, make sure the blanket is not left in wet, release the pressure and make sure all surfaces are clean and all ink is cleaned off
  • Keep the rollers clean and avoid getting ink on them.
  • Every 6 to 8 months clean the rollers off to get them shiny clean, if they are a mess use white spirit and very light sandpaper, then spray with clear lacquer
  • Do not put foreign objects into the bearings or under the rollers.
  • Every 6 to 8 months grease the bearings with bearing grease or WD-40 Specialist High performance White Lithium Grease 400ml (these are the blocks that hold the rollers in place and allow them to turn) this is a moving part so these must be greased to keep the press working.
  • Keep the press bed clean and tidy and clean off any ink that is left on the bed after a day’s printing. Do not clean plates on the bed of the press. When using wd40 cleaner or white spirit to clean the press do not spray near the press. Spray the cleaner onto a cloth and then use cloth to clean press.
  • Every 6 to 8 months clean the bed off with white spirit and spray with clear lacquer

Please note this is not a conclusive list of do’s and don’ts but merely a guide to assist you in keeping you press in a good condition. Should you need any information or assistance please contact us. We run many workshops throughout the year at our beautiful print workshops and Gallery in Ironbridge for both beginner and advanced printers for dates and further information please contact us.

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