Prints larger than A4. Bed Size 12” x 30” / 30.5 x 76.2cm

The Little Thumper is a great bench top Etching Printing Press. As our smallest printing press it is portable and therefore great for the traveling printmaker. It prints all intaglio and relief, etchings, solar plates, photopolymers, dry-points, collagraph’s, lino’s, reductions, woodblocks, letterpress ect. Although this is a table top printing press we do have stand options available should you wish.

Prints all intaglio and relief, etchings, solar plates, photopolymers, dry-points, collagraph’s, lino’s, reductions, woodblocks, letterpress ect…

Press Prices. All prices include VAT:

  • Bench Top Press (stand info below) with Star Wheel: £1150
  • Blanket and Runners included so you are ready to print.

Stand Options Inc VAT:

  • Static stand with one shelf: £175
  • Stand with lockable wheels with one shelf: £280

Optional Extra – Round Wheel Inc VAT:

  • Small Round Wheel 36 inches / 91.5cm Diameter: £120
  • Large Round Wheel 48 inches / 123cm Diameter: £195

Blanket Options:

Interest Free Monthly Payment Plan Available

Portable Etching Press

The Travelling Printing Press



To place your order call us on 01952 434033, or select your options from the below menu.

The Little Thumper Press:



Delivery options: Please call for a quote. 

  • We can deliver and set up your press for you with or without a workshop
  • We can courier your press to you with minimal set up, and full instructions provided.
  • You can pick your press up from our printmaking gallery and workshop in Ironbridge. We have a full range of workshops that can be tailor made to suit your printmaking needs. Both traditional and contemporary.

More Information:

Press Dimensions excluding star wheel: 18” Height x 15” Length x 16 Width
Press Dimensions including star wheel: 18” Height x 15” Length x 20.5 Width
Weight of press Approx : 30kg Weight of Stand Approx 15kg

Our star and round wheel direct drive presses are made using steel fabricated parts, dense walled stainless steel cylinders housed in no maintenance bearings. Easily maintained, and many safety features include bed safety stops and press lock down as well as easy removal of star or round wheel and press bed. Runners and blanket provided so you can easily print many different thicknesses. If you ever need any help with anything technical we are full time printmakers so just give us a call.

Setting the Pressure:

It is simple and quick to set the pressure for any thickness of plate, from thin etchings and dry-point plates to thick woodblocks, and anything in-between. We can deliver and set up for you, and also show you how to make plates and print from them. You can come to our printmaking Gallery/workshop and print some of your own plates (or ours if you don’t have any) to get the feel of our range of presses.


Perfect Press Guide:


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In this guide, we’ve collated our top Seven Questions to Ask Your Printing Press Provider, to ensure you’re perfectly equipped with a product that’s suited to what you need.


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