Covid-19 – We are carrying out the below delivery and set ups, courier deliveries and click and collect collections however social distancing regulations have to be abided by at all times. Our Gallery and studios are closed to the public but our PRINTMAKING MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT, MAIL ORDER AND PRESS DELIVERIES ARE ALL WORKING AS NORMAL

We are still offering press demos and workshops over Zoom Whattsspp and Facetime and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

Ring or email to make an appointment.

You have several options as to how you get your etching printing press and materials.

We can deliver and set up your press for you, with or without a workshop anywhere in the world.Delivery of Etching press

If we are delivering and setting up your new printing press, we will do exactly that. We will arrange a date and time which is best for you.

We have a dedicated van that we use to deliver all our etching presses. If you are in another country, we will send your press by crate first and the printmakers who are setting up your press for you will travel separately.Delivery of etching printing press

We will then set up your press in your studio for you, and then print with you using either your plates or ours. We always bring with us all the different brands of inks so you can use the ink you are used to. Paper and paper baths as well as every type of plate that can be printed on the press including the following.

Dry-points, etchings, solar plates, collagraphs, monoprints, monotypes any thickness of woodblocks, linos, reductions, Japanese ply, carborundum, photopolymer, mezzotint, letterpress and a few other plates.

If you would like to have a workshop as well as the delivery and set up we do workshops in all the above printmaking mediums including all the different ways of making, inking and printing.

Collection from our printmaking Gallery and studios. 

Printing Etching Press

We can arrange a date and time that suits you and then you can come and pick up from us. We give a free walk through of the press and we dismantle it infront of you, wrapping it and packing it into your car for you, so you will know how it goes back together when you get back to your studio.

You can have a printmaking workshop using your new printing press with us in our printmaking studios if you wish, so that you can print all the different thicknesses of plates with us, so you can get used to changing the pressure and get used to using your new printing press.

Etching Press

Gunning Press

Choose from either

1 hour workshop printing with your press. £45.00
3 hours workshop printing with your press. £95.00
Full day 10 till 4.30 £180.00
2 days £360.00

Or any of these workshops or we can tailer make a workshop including everything you would like to do.

Last but not least we can courier your press to you. We ship all over the world. Just get in touch for a quote.

We wrap your press up in parts and pop them in a crate. You will have the star or round wheel, the stand with its two side frames and 4 cross members and shelf. Your press and your press bed along with the brilliant press instruction manual and any other materials that you have ordered.

The courier will deliver your press to you on a date that is convenient for you. We are unable to tell you a time with this service in any circumstances, but we can put any details including opening times, delivery instructions and your phone number on the side of the crate.

Our courier company are excellent and we have been using them for years.

The press instruction manual is excellent and has everything you need to know in there from how to set up your press to how to ink up and print any plate from 2mm float glass to very thick woodblocks BUT If you need any help DO NOT HESITATE AS, we are only a phone call or email away (even if it is 10 years time)