Museum Level Framing is the highest level of framing available. However despite its name it is not just confined to the artwork contained within museums – it is a bespoke framing solution for any piece that has monetary, sentimental value or artwork that you want preserving for years to come.

Museum Framing is suitable for any artwork of historical potential or value and is crucial for ensuring that these valuable artworks remain in first class condition.

Providing your collection or artwork is in a stable condition, our Museum Standard Framing provides protection from uv light, humidity, airborne pollutants, physical and mechanical damage, insect damage and acids.

At Ironbridge Fine Art and Framing, we work to the highest standards and our Museum Framing is designed to preserve and protect your artwork or collection using materials and processes that are completely reversible and will in no way cause damage to your artwork for up to 35 years in normal hanging conditions.

Museum Level Framing – Glazing Solutions

There are a number of different glazing solutions in Museum Level Framing to ensure you still get the joy of the artwork whilst making sure it is protected, these are:

  • Anti-Reflective Glass – When seen in the right light this glass is nearly undetectable. It is transparent and neutral and has an anti-reflective coating.
  • Laminate Glass – This has a layer of hard plastic in between two layers of float glass – essentially stopping any glass getting near the artwork should the glass break. This sort of Museum Level Framing glazing is suited to works that will spend a lot of time in transit.
  • Water White Glass – Colourless float glass that is used in conjunction with the other glazing in Museum Level Framing.
  • Ultra Violet Glass- As the name suggests this protects your precious and valuable artwork from harmful UV rays. This type of Museum Level framing glazing is suited for artwork that is to be hung in particularly bright rooms.
  • Acrylic – Available in various thicknesses acrylic is an economical solution as can come with UV protection.

Museum Framing Standard Materials:

To ensure the highest quality is maintained we use only the finest museum standard materials:

  • Glazing with UV filter level of 97%
  • Mount board and undermount will be 100% cotton museum quality
  • Artwork is hinged using Japanese paper using wheat starch adhesive
  • The frame rebate, slip, mount and undermount will all be sealed using aluminium or paper barrier tape

We also offer Conservation Level Framing & Commended Level Framing.

To find out more about how we can help you preserve your favourite piece of artwork for 35 years, call one of our specialist framers on 01952 434 033.