We have a vast range of conservation and museum standard mounts available. The mountboard comes in thicknesses of 1400 microns, 1400microns, 1500 microns, 2000 microns, 3500 microns.

A variety of mountboard styles can be cut such as single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple and multi aperture mounts as well as different shapes including circles and ovals and any uneven shapes. Please call for any advise or help 01952 434033.

We also sell mount board as half (800mm x 1200mm) or full sheets (1630mm x 1120mm) either individually or in bulk quantities with the option for us to cut the boards for you. We also stock standard sized cut boards.

The two main levels of framing that we deal with are conservation and museum level framing. Conservation level framing requires us to use conservation mount board. Conservation mountboard is chemically purified to ensure that a high percentage of lignin is removed and it is buffered with calcium carbonate. For all Museum level framing we use museum mountboard, which is made completely from natural cotton fibers, which ensures it is lignin free and again this is buffered with calcium carbonate.

Available Mountboard Colours / Finishes