Conservation Level Framing, like Museum Level Framing, is designed to protect your favourite pieces of artwork. Whether your piece is valuable, or has a sentimental or historical value our Conservation Level Framing service is a great way to preserve artwork for future generations.

Conservation Level Framing offers nearly as much protection as Museum Level Framing for up to 20 years. 

Our Fine Art Guild Commended framers can make sure your artwork is protected from potential damage such as airborne pollution and acid.


Why choose Conservation Level Framing?

Here at Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing we have great pride in the quality of our work, and feel that if it’s worth framing it’s worth protecting ,therefore Conservation Level Framing is our recommended standard of framing.

With conservation level framing, anything framed can be returned to its former state at any time for up to 20 years, assuming the artwork is in a stable condition. Any remedial repair or restoration work should be made prior to framing. 

Although Conservation Level framing will not last as long as Museum Level Framing it is suitable for artworks of a lesser value. Artworks of moderate value deserve at least Conservation Level Framing to ensure that they hold or increase their value over the years.


What can Conservation Framing protect against?

If you choose to display your valuable artwork it is essential that you are sure that it is going to be protected from harmful elements. You need to feel secure in the fact that your enjoyment in the piece will not harm it in any way. 

Conservation Level Framing protects against:

  • Mould
  • Insects
  • Heat and humidity
  • Light and UV rays
  • Air pollution
  • Improper handling
  • Transit damage
  • Damage prior to framing and during the framing process

If you want you and your family to enjoy your precious and valuable artwork for generations to come it is important to invest in proper and professional framing techniques like Conservation Level Framing. Your artwork deserves to be seen but it deserves to be looked after as well.


Conservation Standard Materials

To ensure your cherished piece of artwork retains all its glory, we use only the finest materials.

  • Glazing with UV filter level of 84% with an option of normal clear float glass.
  • Mount board and undermount will be conservation quality.
  • Artwork is hinged using Japanese paper which is pre-coated with a water activated adhesive.
  • The glazing, mount and undermount will all be sealed using barrier tape.

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