Commended level framing, like museum level framing and conservation level framing should enable you cherished artwork to show all of its glory, whilst at the same time offering a moderate level of protection. Commended framing is perfect for preserving artwork for up to 5 years.
At Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing we have great pride in the quality of our work. Even with commended level framing we use high quality materials to ensure that your favourite piece will not only look good when hung, but will be protected against some of the deteriorating elements.

What is Commended Level Framing?

Whilst not giving the same protection as other levels of framing like museum level and conservation level framing, commended level framing offers adequate protection to artworks of lesser value, especially protecting against airborne pollutants.

The Key Features of Commended Framing

  • A good quality mount board
  • An under mount that puts enough distance between the art and the backing board
  • Tape hinges

Is Commended Level Framing Reversible?

Unlike museum and conservation level, commended level framing is not always reversible. However, if this is important to you, be sure to mention it to our framers and we can discuss alternative options with you. This level of framing will protect your artwork for around 5 years. This can be lengthened by including conservation level materials such as mount boards.
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