fine art framing

Here at Ironbridge Fine Arts we offer a wide range of fine art framing. Defined by the Fine Art Guild Standard, we offer the highest 3 levels of framing. These provide long lasting protection for your prints and valuable artwork. The three levels of framing we offer is Commended level framing, Conservation Framing, and Museum Level Framing. With the Guilds Commendation, you will have piece of mind that you are dealing with experts in displaying and pre- serving works of art. The Fine Art Trade Guild has 5 levels of framing. We just offer the top 3, as we firmly believe that your artwork deserves the best.


Commended Level Framing

As the third level of the Fine Art Trade Guild framing standards, this framing offers a degree of protection. This level of framing heavily incorporates design, but is not always reversible. This fine art framing can protect your pieces for up to 5 years.


Conservation Level Framing

This level of fine art framing will help preserve your artwork for future generations. Conservation Level fine art framing offers protection from physical and mechanical damage. In addition, it protects from airborne pollution and acid generated by many framing materials. It can also protect against mould, insects, and many other things that could bring harm to your artwork. You can expect your artwork to be protected for up to 20 years.


Museum Level Framing

Museum level framing is the ultimate standard for bespoke framing. This is ideal for artwork that is of significant monetary or sentimental valuable. The processes involved in museum level framing are fully reversible for up to 35 years.


Other Fine Art Framing Services:

We also offer a variety of other framing services:

Wedding Dress Framing – Preserve the dress from your special day by having it turned into a piece of art! Mouldings and mounts can be selected to compliment your dress. We can also offer framing for many other important pieces from your day!

Standard Picture Framing – In addition to bespoke framings, we have are variety of standard size frames available.

Mount board – Our mount boards are available in a variety of colours. This means that we can select mount board to perfectly compliment our artwork.

Bespoke Moulding – We have a wide variety of bespoke moulding available, perfect for your fine art. Be sure to browse the full range to find the ideal moulding for you.

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