Are you thinking of purchasing a new Printing Press? Why not come and visit us and have a free etching press demo so you can see our presses in action? During the etching press demo we print from ours or your plates and we print every different kind of plate that you can print on our multi-printing presses, includingDelivery of Etching press

Dry-points, etchings, solar plates, collagraphs, monoprints, monotypes any thickness of woodblocks, linos, reductions, Japanese ply, carborundum, photopolymer, mezzotint, letterpress and anything in between.

You will be able see our beautiful Gallery and Printmaking workshops

During the etching press demo you will be able to feel how the Gunning etching printing press prints, and how lovely it is to pull through

You will see how easy it is to set the pressure for all thickness of plates.

You will be shown that the Gunning press needs very little maintenance due to its stainless steel top roller and self lubricating bearings

You will be shown the different print qualities the prints have when using the different blankets and combinations.

You will be shown all the different ways of inking and wiping plates using the paper, ink and rollers of your choice

You will be able to ask as many questions as you like

Parking is free outside the Gallery and you will find us easily by using a sat nav, we are waling distance away from the centre of Ironbridge so there is plenty to see if you have people coming with you and there are some lovely local places to tay if you are travelling a distance

It is best that you ring and book an appointment, we would be disappointed if you turned up unannounced  and we were unable to see you!