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Bespoke washline mounts

Bespoke Mount Lines and Washes

Bespoke washline mounts

Washline mounts are traditionally used with watercolour paintings, drawn in hand and using carefully chosen colours to balance and enhance the artwork. The choice of colour and design is unlimited allowing us to perfectly compliment the artwork. 

The cross-hinged ruling pen holds ink and slowly releases it as it is drawn. Any combination of lines can be used but they are normally finished with a washline which is the colour applied between two lines.

The Possibilities are endless

Our Guild Certified framers offer free framing consultations to discuss all the possible Line and wash options with you and find the perfect colour and design combination for your Artwork.

Possible combinations include…  

  • Ink Lines in any colour
  • Ink Lines with a watercolour wash in any colour
  • Watercolour lines in any colour
  • Gold Leaf Lines or decorations
  • Gold Lines 
  • Gold Lines with a watercolour wash in any colour


It takes a lot of practice and a steady hand to create the perfect finish however it is worth the patience when you see the finished result!

Level 1 (Museum) and Level 2 (Conservation) mountboard

We have an exquisite collection of Level 1 and Level 2 Mountboard, available in an extensive selection of colours and thicknesses. As an Advanced Guild Certified Framer, we have undergone rigorous examinations by the Fine Art Trade Guild, guaranteeing our expertise in the various types of mountboards and their respective applications. Our team of professionals can guide you in selecting a mount that not only shields your artwork but also accentuates its hues and elevates its overall appeal.

If you are interested in learning more about our mountboard range and the Mountboard Standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild, please visit our Mountboard Page