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Liz Gunning

Ceramist Liz Gunning offers course in Spiritual & Energy Healing.

Liz GunningIronbridge fine art’s artist Liz Gunning not only spends her time crafting beautiful pots, hares and vases she also has a wealth of knowledge and skill in spiritual and energy healing. Liz is now running a four day course to teach others the importance of spiritual and energy healing and how it can help you to understand your lifestyle choices and the impact those choices have on your body. 


When is the Course?

The course is over a period of 2 weekends. 

4/5th June 2022

2/3 July 2022


What times do you start and finish?

We begin at 10 am till 4.30pm with a lunch hour from 1pm – 2. pm

Liz Healingliz healingliz healing

What is the Course About?

This is a Foundation Course run by Members of the College of Healing, it’s all about self development and healing strategies. The Facilitators of this course take you through a structured, guided programme where by you find your own inner strengths and begin to build on the energies you have within your body. There are many strands of learning to this course and below are just  five of the areas covered whilst you attend this 4 day course.

  • You will begin to understand how your lifestyle choices impact on your health.
  • You will begin to discover how the link between spirit, mind and body gives impact for a healthy body structure. 
  • You will, as the course develops, be given the opportunity to understand the value of meditation, and how to channel healing energy both for yourself and for your loved ones.
  • You will practise sensing the Aura and the Chakras.
  • You will learn how to send Distant Healing to another person within a safe and secure environment.

Who is leading the course ?Liz Gunning

Liz Gunning is leading this Foundation Course and the team are amazing practitioners of the College Of Healing. Between them they have many years of wealth of knowledge with energy healing and so if you are on this course you will be able to converse with all three of them to discover your inner core for energy healing.

Liz GunningLizzy Gunning MCoHMA tutor, qualified Healer and Councillor, will be heading this course, she is enigmatic and an exciting healer with may personal stories relating to healing experiences and exudes passionate enthusiasm for the love of teaching this subject.

  • Meg Mc Donald BA Hons BSC (OST) Cranial Therapist and Healer/ Tutor  MCoHMA.
  • Fiona Winter MCoHMA Healer (Link Tutor)

Who is this course for –

Liz GunningDo come and join, as this is for any person out there who wishes to discover the magic within. It will enhance your lives to give understanding for the inner energies within our bodies.

You can be a pure novice or a self taught healer, the course will give you the ability to learn fresh skills that are taught within a safe and well structured framework.

You will, on completion of this course, be given a certificate that will enable you, if you so wish, to then further your knowledge of Energy Healing, to apply for a place on the Practitioners Course with the College Of Healing, based in Malvern, England.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and attend this course, and discover your hidden qualities within you, within a safe and secure, energetic matrix of fascinating tutors and people.

To enquire about a place on the course email, lizgunning@mail.com

You can find Liz Gunnings ceramists here in our art gallery, here in Ironbridge or on our website.

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