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shelley Wingrove Gunning etching press

Gunning press printmakers of the week- Shelley Wingrove

This weeks Gunning press printmaker is the fantastic Shelley Wingrove who runs Little Black Mare. Shelley, the owner of a Gunning press Number 2 works from her home studio where inspiration comes from Maisie’s wildflower meadow, or long walks in the woods and hills that surround her home. We sat down with Shelley to understand why she loves printmaking on her Gunning press.shelly Wingrove Gunning Etching Press

Why did you choose to purchase a Gunning Etching press?

I chose a Gunning Etching Press because I had the chance to demo one while at Ironbridge Printmakers printing  some work for my City & Guild exam, It was SO unbelievably wonderful, love at first sight!!, and I knew right there I was going to have to have one! 

What’s your favourite feature on the Gunning Etching press?

I love everything about my Gunning press, I love how it has been designed with end stops, so the bed is safe and never falls off the wheels. I love the different thicknesses of the relief runners, I love the graph bed and I love the ease it can work between different types of printmaking. Most of all I LOVE the way it looks, so beautiful!

How did you get into printmaking?

I got into printmaking after a one day beginners lino-cut course, I was hooked! and at the end of the day had signed up for a City & Guilds course. I have been printmaking ever since.
How would you describe your work?Shelley Wingrove Lino Cut
My work is very varied, I guess I love detail and am always inspired by the beautiful Shropshire countryside. In my etchings, dry point, lino-cut and collographs,  nature and detail are a general theme running through all my work. I love to watch the light at play on the trees and the fields. I’ll capture scenes or just little details in my sketchbook, or perhaps collect a leaf or some other treasure. Then I’ll spend some time in my studio, bringing ideas together and deciding which print process will best capture the image’s wholeness and beauty.

Does your Gunning etching press have a nickname?

My Gunning etching press is called Brenda, Private Eye magazine has this nick name for our lovely queen, and I reckon my press is pretty regal, so it had to be Brenda.

What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing a Gunning etching press?shelley Wingrove Gunning etching press

If someone is thinking of buying a Gunning Etching press I would absolutely and wholeheartedly say BUY IT!!! It is the Rolls Royce of printing presses, a totally awesome press. It is British made, from a family company of printmakers, who really know their stuff! Your press will come with a lifetime of goodwill and knowledge from the lovely Gunning family, priceless.

To see more off Shelley’s work you can find her on instagram as @ShelleyWingrove or browse her website https://www.little-black-mare.co.uk/

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