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Sam Marshall

Gunning press printmakers of the week- Sam Marshall

This weeks Gunning press printmaker is the fantastic Sam Marshall, the owner of a Gunning press Number 2 works from her home studio accompanied by her studio assistant – ‘Miss Marple’, her mini dachshund. We sat down with Sam to understand why she loves printmaking on her Gunning press.

Sam Marshall

Sam MarshallWhy did you choose to purchase a Gunning Etching press?

“I had done so much research about presses and was feeling a little overwhelmed. When I phoned Ironbridge I spoke to Jenny and she was so warm, friendly and carefully explained all my options from stands, to press size to geared. From that moment I had no doubt that an Ironbridge press was the one for me!”

What’s your favourite feature on the Gunning Etching press?

“I love the fact that I can print both intaglio and relief perfectly on the press. The press is quick and easy to go from printing intaglio to relief.”

How did you or your organization get into printmaking?

Sam Marshall“I started printmaking in my early 30’s at the Royal Drawing School in London – and haven’t stopped since. I originate from the flat fens of Lincolnshire where my Dad was a cabbage farmer. Having lived in London for over 20 years I recently relocated to rural Northamptonshire with Miss Marple my mini dachshund where I now concentrate on my printmaking and run print workshops.When I’m not in my studio,  I teach printmaking at the Royal Drawing School and on their foundation programme.”

How would you describe your work?

“I specialise in linocuts and etchings. My work tells the stories about my life and travels with my mini dachshund Miss Marple – it features landscapes and quirky animals both real and imaginary. My inspiration comes from many sources – medieval margins and bestiaries, animal prints from the 1800’s, folk art, old children’s books, and real life animals that have something of the unusual about them.”

Sam MarshallDoes your Gunning etching press have a nickname?

“Yes, she is called Pandora. I asked my Instagram followers to suggest a name, and this is the one I chose.”

What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing a Gunning etching press?

“I always say give them a call and have a chat. Talk through your requirements and see what they suggest. I also always tell them that they can visit Ironbridge and try out the presses too – make a weekend of it as it’s such a magical area!”

Any other comments?

“Finding Ironbridge printmakers has been one of the highlights of my life in the past 2 years. Jenny and Dave have become friends and I can’t recommend their presses highly enough. They are both so passionate about printmaking and their joy shines through everything they do. It’s a very special company, very unique – and if you are a printmaker and want a press then I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Sam Marshall

To see more off Sam’s work you can find her on instagram at @sammarshallart or browse her website.

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