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image0 JO BODDY

Printmaking at Christmas with kids

With the kids enjoying the festive season and having a break from school you might find them sat in your printing studio’s more often. We’ve come up with a few printmaking activities they can get involved with this christmas and joining in on your printmaking sessions

image1 Jo Boddy

  • Mono-type’s are great for kids, simply sit them down with a piece of styrene and some caligo safe wash ink (easier to get out of clothes) let them paint away. You can let them get stuck in use paint brushes, leaves and branches and anything else you are willing to use to let your child run wild and make their marks. Simply pull through your press we recommend printing onto bread and butter paper from John Purcells it’s an excellent proofing paper, super affordable perfect for letting those littles have some fun.
  • Stencils are great fun simply cut out some shapes from some thick card we find the cardboard off cereal boxes work best as you can wipe these down and reuse them. You can even used corrugated cardboard for a textured look peel off that top layer for that striped look. Simply cut your shape and apply ink to it using a roller pull through your press, again we recommend printing onto bread and butter paper.image0 JO BODDY
  • For those kids who are little bit older why not let them try there hand at lino-cut or drypoint. These are great printing processes to introduce your child to printmaking it allows them take their time and throughly enjoy the process. When they have finished their plate you get  the joy of helping them print it on your press and seeing their eyes light up seeing their final result.

To really get thing festive the processes discussed could be used to make the following things, christmas cards, wrapping paper, place settings for your christmas tables and much more. Or maybe it’s just a nice christmas gift for the grandparents to get framed.

We hope these ideas have helped keep your little ones entertained. 

Have a very Merry Christmas

Thank you for reading!

Happy Printmaking!

All the best,

Ellie & The Team!

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