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Cleaning up at the end of a printmaking session…

Here at Ironbridge fine art’s we chose to stock our exceptional range of Cleaning products. The aim is to make clean up nice and easy.

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With so many printmaking cleaner’s being available you might be asking yourself which ink is best for me and my printing methods? In this blog we will explain all you need to know about the types of cleaner’s we offer giving you the knowledge to know which roller will suit you and your printmaking processes.

Printmakers Soap

IMG 6905Our printmakers soap is gorgeous, we had been looking for years to find someone to make this for me and finally found this lovely lady in Ireland who came up with this vegan recipe. It’s a beautiful soap that gets rid of all oil based inks from your hands but leaves them soft and looked after. ⁠
We have two types an exfoliating version to get rid of those tough stains and a smooth version for gentle hands. 

A soap bar is made with a vegan friendly soap base. Bentonite clay and scented with Geranium & ylang-ylang essential oil. This soap is PEG free and paraben free. Hand crafted in the heart of Kildare and made in small batches exclusively for Ironbridge fine art’s & Framing.



Zest it Printmakers cleaner

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Printmakers Cleaner is an easy to use fluid for cleaning plates and surfaces where oil based inks are used, it’s effective and efficient, so a little goes a long way.

Printmakers Cleaner will also remove ‘stopping-out varnish’ and most traditional grounds. Apply to surface, wait a few moments and wipe with kitchen towel, cloth or a rag.

Being non-toxic it is far healthier to use in the Printmakers studio than the traditionally used ‘turps’ and white spirit, both of which are flammable, whereas the Printmakers Cleaner is non-flammable.

The great thing is it can also be used to clean rollers and other equipment making clean up much faster.

Zest it printmakers Wash down

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Printmakers Washdown is an easy to use fluid, for cleaning printing plates and removing dried Acrylic based inks.

Printmakers Washdown can also be used for removing acrylic based stop-outs and grounds that are sometimes difficult to remove.

Washes away with water so the plate can be given a washdown! Environmentally friendly and can be diluted if necessary..

Often used in screen printing for removing that stubborn parcel tape!

Apply to surface, wait a few moments and wipe with kitchen towel or a cloth.


Thank you for reading!

Happy Printmaking!

All the best,

Ellie & The Team!

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