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Introducing our new…

We have been working on something extremely exciting for a while now and are proud to finally be able to release it! A brand new oil-based open ink! Created by us to create those perfect prints in both relief and etching.

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As family based business full of printmakers this has often been a discussion on our dinner tables, what ink are you using? how can i get my ink to print better? I can’t find that perfect black? It was about time we created our ink the perfect ink to solve all those questions. 

We have designed an oil-based in that can be left open no cap required for up to two years! No skin will form and your ink will be like brand new. How cool is that!IMG 0964

As regular printmakers who do regular editions for publishing houses we spend hours trying to match pantone colours to get that perfect shade for our customer. As part of the launch of our new inks we wanted to eliminate this problem by creating ours colours to pantone matches, each ink in our range has a pantone colour match displayed clearly on the front of each tub. However if there is a pantone colour you wanted but can not see in our range we can make these colours to order!

Currently our range of colours include…

9D26DD8E 4455 4C29 BDD3 A790EC441356

  • Process Yellow (Pantone match Yellow 012 U)
  • Process Blue (Pantone match Process Blue U)
  • Opaque White
  • Process Red (Pantone match 3517 U Red)
  • Process Magenta (Pantone match Rubine Red U)
  • Green-Black (Pantone match Black 3 U)
  • Blue-Black (Pantone match Black 6 U)
  • Red-Black (Pantone match Black 5 U




A lightfast off… the Blacks are 7, Cyan 8, Magenta 5, Yellow 5, red is also 5 and the Opaque White is 8. These are all Lightfastness values from the Blue Wool Scale 1-8. 8 being maximum light fastness.

We will continue to expand our range of ours colours and would love to hear any suggestions of new colours to add!

F7864856 7A23 427D AED7 227A0136D718We have created both relief and etching inks to suit most printmakers needs. Also in our range are an extender simply like any other ink except include no pigment so that they are completely transparent and offer the ability to mix with other inks creating transparency with in colour. Also a tack reducer make wiping easier, reduce’s tack and improve’s ink transfer onto paper.

Make our etching ink firmer by adding  magnesium powder (not that you ever need to – even on a hot day – when most other inks become runny)

Make our ink more oily by adding in linseed reducer or copper plate oil.

Clean up with Printmakers cleaner in a spray bottle and you will find cleaning up a doddle.

ironbridge printing ink

ironbridge printing ink

Our ink comes in 200ml quantities with a twist cap for easy reseal and an inner seal swell – not that you need it because this is an Open ink that won’t create a skin or go hard for 2 years. 

We have designed these inks to be well priced but with quality and care for the best rusts when printing. We can’t wait to see what you all print with our new inks!


Thank you for reading!

Happy Printmaking!

All the best,

Ellie & The Team!

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