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Liz Gunning Exhibition at Ironbridge Art Gallery

Liz Gunning Pottery Collection

A R T I S T   I N S I G H T

“In my ceramic creations, I tap into an inner well of creativity. Navigating the artistic process, I surrender to the influences of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

I believe that the Earth provides us with the foundational clay, Water enables the smooth manipulation of the clay and glaze mixing, and Air supplies the oxygen for the transformative magic within the kiln.

The colors in my work hold symbolic meaning. The greens, reminiscent of a winter meadow and festive Christmas trees, convey warmth. Yellows and oranges evoke the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, capturing the essence of the sun rising and setting. Reds signify the current season — a cold winter, festive celebrations with Santa’s outfit, and red berries providing nourishment for birds. Each element and color holds significance, creating a narrative within my ceramics that reflects the beauty and meaning inspired by nature.”


The Gallery is open Tuesday to Friday where you can see a wide range of Liz’s Pottery or click here to purchase and view online